Meet Lady Evelyn

The Lady Evelyn bridal collection is a full bridal line of couture accessories, veils, and gowns for the free spirited, fashion-forward bride. Lady Evelyn was created out of a desire to help brides achieve the glittering, out of this world, stylish wedding wardrobe they have always wanted. Our brides like to captivate their audience, and have a strong sense of personal style. 

Lady Evelyn stands out in the bridal industry as a brand dedicated to couture craftsmanship. Many pieces take days to create and use techniques found in the couture houses of France with likes of Chanel and Valentino. Jade Rose is the sole designer and artist behind the brand. The detailed precision found in each piece is inspired by Jade Rose's travels throughout Europe. From the gold ceilings in Rome to the tribal accessories of Marrakech, from the cathedrals of Spain to the crown jewels of London, Jade Rose finds inspiration all around her. 

Because of her commitment to craftsmanship, Jade Rose has made a name for herself in the bridal accessory industry and has extensive experience in bridal design and wardrobe styling. Her work has been featured in and photographed for countless magazines and websites. or through our contact form. Instagram @LadyEvelynUK #WearLadyEvelyn